October 6, 2016

Online Quran Education

Online Quran Education


The Online Quran Education objective is to provide low cost or free Quran education to Muslims around the world. For those who cannot afford tuition fees to learn Quran, they can still access our courses on our website www.onlinequraneducation.com or on our YouTube channel  Online Quran Education. This is what makes Online QuranEducation.com so special.

Online Quran Education Online Quran Teachers Staff

  • Multi Lingual Staff: We are aiming to spread Quran education to every corner of the world so for this purpose our Online Quran Teachers can speak Urdu, English and Arabic
  • 24Hour Service: we are providing 24 hour service to our students so that students can adjust their tutorial timings according to their availability, ease and comfort.
  • Qualification: Graduation from well reputed universities.
  • Certifications: Our Online Quran Teachers are well qualified and experienced.
  • Teaching Methodology: Our Online Quran Teachers are experienced and they are also trained to cater all types of students. They have full command over their recitation and rectify mistakes in recitation.
  • Personal Skills: We are very much concerned about satisfaction of students so we scrutinize teachers while hiring on the basis of dedication, punctuality and competency.

Teachers Profiles

Management :  Qari Fawad   /   Qari Ijaz

Teacher Profiles : Qari Fawad   /   Qari Ijaz   /   Qari Jawad   /   Qari Qasim   /   Qari Waqar  /   Qari Dildar  /  Qari Shan   /   Qari Azhar

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Whatsapp : 92 306 4560886

EMAIL: fa27600@gmail.com